Fiancee’s number one goal is customer service.
There are many things that you will see at the store that are different than many other shopping experiences you may have had. Here are some frequently asked questions!Why do we need to book an appointment and pay a $25 booking fee? There are a few reasons that we do this! First, we book appointments to make sure that we have a consultant available for you when you come in. Second, we want to make sure that we have serious brides looking at the gowns and to make sure that you as a serious bride don’t have to compete for an appointment with someone that is just looking for fun. Last but not least, when you show up for your appointment on time on the right day you will receive $25 off your wedding gown of $400 or more, one free tanning session at Tropical Tan, a complimentary oxygen facial, and a free 30min massage!

There is a no children sign when you walk in the door, what does that mean? Keep in mind that even though trying on many gowns is a memorable fun experience for the bride and her friends and family it is usually long and uninteresting in the eyes of a young child. Unless the child is getting measured for a tuxedo or a flower girl dress, we ask that you please make other plans for them. Think about it, if you were trying on gowns and trying to make a huge decision about your wedding dress, and someone else’s child was just being a kid and distracting you and your consultant during huge moment by making noise and running just like all kids do. How would you feel about it? Lastly, we don’t want the children to get hurt. There is lots of glass counters and big racks that can tip over, it has happened. We all love children we just don’t feel that its an appropriate store for them.

If I do the VIB promo and don’t find a dress or my wedding is postponed or canceled what happens to my $200? Fiancee has over 500 wedding gowns in-stock and any given time and we are able to order from many different vendors you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that is just perfect for you! Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable and can be used towards your wedding gown only. If however you cancel or postpone your wedding your $200 is safe! It sits on account with your name on it and you can use it when ever you do order your dress! Same goes if your shopping early and your wedding is more than a year away. You can do the program and keep looking up until you find the perfect gown to order!

I didn’t find “THE” wedding gown during this appointment. Do I need to pay a booking fee every time I want to come in and look at wedding gowns? NO! If you join the VIB promo you just need to mention that over the phone and the booking fee is waived!

Why are the prices on the internet different from that in the store? All wholesalers in the bridal industry set what is called an MSRP (market standard retail price) for all of their gowns. We as a retailer have to abide by what the company wants us to sell the gowns at in the store and on the internet. If we don’t follow their rules we could lose a line that we carry. This also assures that you will not have to worry that you will find the same dress for cheaper somewhere else. If that is the case, you can be sure the retailer is not following the rules of the industry.
In fact, be careful of online store especially that claim they are selling the same gown for hundreds even thousands of dollars less then what you are seeing locally. 100% of the time they are showing you the same image of the gown you are looking at but when you get the gown the dress is not authentic and the fabric, beading and stitching are nothing in compare to what you have seen in the store! It does happen and quite a few brides have came to our store following this experience in search of a new gown!

Why do the dresses take so long to get here? Almost everything in the bridal industry is made in and comes from China. Have you ever heard…”on a slow boat from China”? Well, that’s exactly it! Any gown ordered is made at the time we place the order. In-stock gowns are far and few between but there are a few companies that do carry them! Let one of our sales consultants know you are looking for something in a hurry and they will point you in the right direction!

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